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The end of globalization or the return of Marx?

altThere are many unanswered question about the crisis, some practical, some theoretical. Despite the uncertainty and insecurity caused by the crisis, one thing is certain: this crisis marks the end of an era.What era, you be ask?
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Russia restored gas supplies to the territory of Ukraine

altToday at 10 o'clock the main dispatcher of "Gazprom" gave command about restoration of trial gas supply on territory of Ukraine in the amount of 76, 6 million cubic meters for consumers of the Balkan region, Turkey and Moldova.
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Dmitry Soin: Transniestria requires strategic stocks of gas

altDmitry Soin: «Gas crisis especially sharply affected Transniestria because of the absence of strategic stocks of blue fuel. Any state aspires to have a reserve of energy resources at least on the two-three months period.
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Dmitry Soin: to overcome crisis in the mind

altToday only the laziest does not speak about crisis. It is not surprising, because it, really, has affected practically everybody - from very rich to very poor. Someone refused to purchase a new yachts and jewelry and someone changed two meals a day to three meals in a week.
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The Anti-recessionary March was held in Tiraspol!

altThe Anti-recessionary March was held on the 27th of December in Tiraspol. It was held by the initiative of YC "PRORIV!". More than 100 persons took part in it. Considerably become complicated weather conditions preveted the other part of citizens to take part in this meeting.
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The meeting of Voronin and Smirnov was a kind of brain-ring

altThe meeting of the presidents of Moldova Vladimir Voronin and Transniestria Igor Smirnov was like a brain-ring, but not like official negotiations of the heads of the states. It is the opinion of the director of the Transniestrian sociological information-analytical "S-centre" Dmitry Soin.
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