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The action of "PRORIV!"

altActivists and members of executive directory of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" yesterday went to Bendery where they held the action on distribution of ideological production of IYC and PDP "PRORIV!": newspaper "Russian Proriv", notebooks, calendars, posters with organization symbolics.
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«PRORIV! » in the Great Britain

altThe international conference devoted to perspective of settlement of the Transniestrian conflict took place in the Great Britain, in Wilton Park since 16th till 18th of October.
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Moldova and Switzerland have signed the new Intergovernmental Agreement

altAccording to the updated text of the document (the last has been concluded in 1995 and does not reflect all economic realities) Moldova and Switzerland will create favorable conditions for development of technological and scientific cooperation, realization of joint research and curriculums in the areas representing mutual interest becomes possible.
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Yushchenko searches crazys

altThe secretary of the president of Ukraine asks Security service of Ukraine and the State Office of Public Prosecutor to check up the appeared information about official corruption round the company  which possessed the vessel "Faina", which transported tanks and other ammunition and was grasped by the Somali pirates, as it is said in the announcement of the press-service of the president, extended on Thursday.
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Experts about Mazepa

altOpening of a memorial board to hetman Mazepa in Transniestria has caused rough expert and public reaction. For one people Mazepa is damned by Russian orthodox church, and for others he is the hero. Please pay attention on the different opinions of all experts involved in the discussion about this question.
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The number of "PRORIV!" adherents constantly increases

altOctober, 17th. The handling of party-membership cards of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" to the new members of the party has taken place in the High school of political leadership of Ernesto Che Guevara ». Dmitry Soin, the leader and the ideologist of "PRORIV!", the chairman of PDP Alexander Gorelovsky, employees of a directory and active workers of the movement took part in it.
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