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December, the 7th: will the Moldavian suicide take place?

English // 11:34, 5 декабря 2009 // 2092
altThe doctor of political sciences, the expert of Russian and Transnistrian information and analytical centre Rady Konkin talks about prospects of mass suicide of the Moldavian political elites.

December, the 7th, the attempt of the presidential elections will take place finishing a political cycle by parliament RM. Many predictions and suppositions are told about, from predictions of a total failure of elections and therefore the beginnings of a new political season with parliament dissolution, to the Lupu's election as a president by deserters into the liberal and democratic part of a few deputies of The PCRM.

But actually it isn't important. The answer a question, if the Moldavian political elite is ready to commit by mass suicide, is much more actually and important in strategic plan. You see, December, the 7th, the presidential elections of the Moldavian state won't threaten under the war the whole political system of the state by Voronin's and Tkachuk's fancy. Moldova will fall into the chaos of the third very expensive election, it is objectively poor, suffering from corruption and from elementary development of democratic institutes. Their price is defined both by a factor of the expense for the election process, and also by much more indirect losses in a form of defective functioning of authorities, a financial system and investment not appeal.

Of course, Voronin and Tkachuk are furious because of their understanding they are gone from their warm armchairs, actually having given up the power for nothing in July of this year, now they don’t rule, but enrich themselves and put into the prisons disagreeable politicians and businessmen. Yes, it is really sad, but it isn't the occasion to agitate the whole country. Objectively having joined into the Parliament powers agree with the results of a July elections to some extent. You see, either of them are quite out of improving its result, and has chance to make it worse.

Therefore the election of the president and some stabilization of a situation are Moldavian elite's the normal decision independently of their colouring. However the mankind history knows the whole epoch when suicides were fashionable, including mass ones. Maybe, such epoch has come in Moldova. In this case, of course, the president won’t be elected and political groups will be built again on the battlefield. I doubt certain winners will become at this fight. But economic and political ruins will become really. And there is one way to make the hara-kiri as the Samurai. If they don't do it they will be helped to do it by hungry and unfortunate people of Republic Moldova.

Rady Konkin, specially for IA «Lenta PMR»