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The Moldavian communists repeat errors of Decembrists

English // 17:39, 9 декабря 2009 // 2209
altSimeon Nikulin, the independent analyst from Moldova, the coordinator of information project Dialog.md has answered news agency questions «Tape ПМР»

The third attempt of election of the president of Moldova has turn out the fiasco. Where will Moldova go in future?

Everything will depend on treatments of the present legislation and results of new power's possible attempts to change it for its profit. The purpose of such changes is obvious: not to admit power transition to The PCRM as a result of parliamentary by-elections. In turn The PCRM, appeared in opposition, will continue the consolidation of the numbers and to make all efforts to return past positions in a society. It isn't clear, in what form these intentions will be realized, because the direction of The PCRM continues the practice of secret political strike which didn't justified itself. Thus, actually, the Moldavian communists repeat the error of Decembrists, described in the Soviet textbooks of the history - they struggle for the people, but without it.

How may mutual relations develop between The Dniester Moldavian Republic and Republic Moldova on the political crisis background?

I would not to do such rates as rates to some "power crisis in RM" - actually, today there is the operating parliament and the government in country, which are quite capable in spite of existence of a certain sort of problems. For example, it is the present situation on a political Olympus of Transnistria is far from terms "quiet" and "simple" too. According to Transnistrian problems - already it is has been done much. In particular - responsible for Transnistrian settlement vice-prime minister of Moldova Victor Osipov has had time to take part in a meeting in a format "5+2" in Vienna. He communicated with the head of foreign policy body of Transnistria Mr. Jastrebchak personally. Thus, everything is done even to synchronize watches at the personal level. I'm sure, extreme, force-major decisions or events will not occur in mutual relations between Moldova and Transnistria in the near future. The negotiations will continue. As earlier, the sides will insist on their own vision of the present situation and possible ways of its permission.

The situation is this, the true state of affairs hides under any propaganda screen, but the economy of Transnistria is in great need in the preferences for the sale goods into the western markets which are given to Moldova by the European Union, and it is divided by Tiraspol. It concern to fabrics, metal, canning production, grain, the electric power, and this list may be continued. Besides, the leadership of Moldova intends to direct to the European Union inquiry about removal of restrictions about departure abroad for officials of Transnistrian administration in a near future. What is it, if it is not a real step on strengthening of measures of trust, and on negotiating process perfection?!