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Is Transnistria on the eve of political shocks?

English // 13:04, 10 декабря 2009 // 2041


The largest Transnistrian political party "Obnovlenie" declares possibility of mass protest actions. In the view of analysts of the Transnistrian sociological information and analytical "S-Centre", the probability of considerable activization of the internal political life is looked through. Such conclusions are result from the analysis of last statements of "Obnovlenie", party of the parliamentary majority. During this week two serious statements were out from the Central Committee of the party "Obnovlenie". In the first one the party criticizes so-called pro-presidential forces and the state mass-media. Thus it «calls all constructive political forces of republic, having united, to oppose constructive interaction of political forces to inadequacy and competition of negatives for achievement of stability and development, and calls not to take a great interest in a pre-election PR and populism».

"Obnovlenie" lays down obviously principles of political reform in The Dniester Moldavian Republic, they are not acceptable for the executive power and Smirnov:
The election of the heads of administrations in villages, cities, areas by the people;

Introduction of effectively functioning government accountable to the people, the President and the Supreme Soviet;

The investment of the local government with real financial and economic possibilities and powers for the decision of the vital problems of local value which are had by the citizen;

The creation of the constitutional guarantees for democratic replacement of the power which it is necessary to be provided, including, through introduction of limits of presidential terms quantity, as it is established in the Russian Federation and in many other countries;

The Central Soviet of The Republican Party "Obnovlenie" considers it is important to raise a transparency and efficiency of the power, to provide its replacement for the best decision of real problems of citizens.

The desire to relieve political system of The Dniester Moldavian Republic from all Igor Smirnov's protйgйes is looked through in these points, for example, designated heads of administrations and presidential terms which are limited by nothing.

But also it has appeared a little by the participants. There was the second even more radical statement the next day after that statement of the Central Committee of the party. "Obnovlenie" accuses the authorities of The Dniester Moldavian Republic and, in a particular, an executive vertical of the organization of political reprisals attitude to the dissidents. The state mass-media and the ideological machinery are criticized there again. But instead of the previous statements of "Obnovlenie" it is quite concrete appeal to counteraction to political persecutions by all acceptable lawful methods. In a particular, the party warns the authorities against consequences of political reprisals:

“The Republican Party "Obnovlenie" Central Soviet calls the heads of executive powers to take all necessary measures for a non-admission of the same incidents which not only don't promote for the formation of right public discussion, for the pluralism of opinions and development of modern democratic processes, but also may plunge republic into the far and forgotten times of political persecutions and reprisals.


There is “Obnovlenie” on the march

In case of continuation of this practice we confirm our readiness to defined stability of citizen inalienable rights together with other social organizations, having the similar approaches by all possible lawful ways, and in case of mass character of the similar signals we receive the right to work out the action of social protest”.

Such statement of party of the parliamentary majority and perhaps one of the largest parties of Transnistria may be regarded, of course, as "revolutionary". Such thing has never been for all history of the Dniester Moldavian Republic. These are not Horjan's meetings in style «we will think for three» and Voevodin's and Volkova's actions with use of potential of invalids and  of the club «That who are more than hundred».


Voevodin’s and Volkov’a picket

"Obnovlenie" has cells across all over Transnistria, which are not only presented in the Parliament, but also in local soviets of cities and districts. Therefore it is not possible for this party to work out the mass protest actions. There are deputies of all levels ahead protesting, they own inviolability within the law. Therefore, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and The Ministry of State Security will remain onlookers for the happening.

There is obvious an ideological, information and organizational poverty of executive power on this background, which is run out by obvious political recuperation of "Obnovlenie". Maybe, it will lead to certain revaluation of values, and marginal officials Belyaev, Volkova and the company will make their own resignation silently. Then there will be still more than two participants in Volodin's "killing team".

Analytical group "S-centre"