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The active workers of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" have visited the performance of Kiev circus "CLOSHARD"

English // 11:32, 7 декабря 2009 // 1877
altThe inhabitants of Tiraspol have possibility to take pleasure by a circus art from November 20th till December 13th. The tours of the Kiev circus-chapiteau "CLOSHARD" are held these days in the capital of The Dniester Moldavian Republic.

The circus performance is a magic for everybody. It is the fantastic kingdom for children where is a laughter, pleasure and surprise. The atmosphere of circus with its celebratory music, light of projectors, bright suits, with a special circus smell, is memoirs about their childhood for adults.

December 4th, the active workers of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" have come to see the circus performance. The smallest children liked very much the clown Zhivchik's performance who was the laureate of "the Gold clown» in Monte-Carlo. Children have laughed over a plush horse and "crocodile" with all their heart, enthusiastically applauded to small pig was the princess of circus Ryushechka. The illusionists' act where the girl has changed dresses in a fraction of a second was interesting for older boys and girls. The boys and girls have been discussing for a long time how it has been made. The laureates' performance of "the Gold clown" in Monte-Carlo equilibrists' ones on the stilts, and also the acrobat's performance who is working in air sphere under a dome of circus, were liked very much.

Everybody young and old liked extreme cats’ and the trained dogs’ performances. The cats carried out very difficult tricks - a cat's jump into a hoop tightened by a paper, jumps into a fire and a deadly act – a cats' jump from under the circus dome.

The performance was visited by children-orphans of the social project of youth movement within the limits of the charitable action held by the Kiev actors. The headship of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" thanks administration of circus very much for the possibility given to children to see wonderful performance.

Translated by Dina CHEREVATENKO