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The peace making authority of Russia is indisputable in zone Moldavian and Transnistrian conflict!

English // 12:26, 4 декабря 2009 // 2344
altAs press service of the Ministry of the State Security of The Dniesret Moldavian Republic said, December, the 4th 2009, the working meeting of Ministry leadership, heads of divisions, commanders of military units and operative structure of The MSS of The Dniester Moldavian Republic with the head of Transnistrian delegation in The Union Control Comission O. L. Belyakovy took place. There were The First deputy minister of The MSS of The Dniester Moldavian Republic G.P.Rossihin, The First deputy minister of The MSS of The Dniester Moldavian Republic V.Z.Yunevich, the deputy minister of The MSS of The Dniester Moldavian Republic for the armies V.D.Gebos, a member of Transnistrian delegation The UCC from The MSS V.V. Vakarchuk at the meeting.

In opening the debate The First deputy minister of the MSS of the Dniester Moldavian Republic G. Rossihin focused gathered people’s attention on the special role for maintaining and strengthening the peace, stability and safety on banks of Dniester, which is worked out by The Union Control Commission commission. «The importance of peace making operation is not subject to doubt as during the  all time of its working out the peace had been maintained, it is main thing for our population», - G.P.Rossihin has noted . In his opinion, the insinuations, which have become frequent recently, connected with ostensibly peace-making operation sputtered out itself and with Russian Federation's role in it, the answer it may and must be an increase the efficiency of work and strengthening of interaction of all structures involved in these actions, including the direction of The UCC from Transnistria, with the Ministry of State Security of The Dniester Moldavian Republic. «The main object of this meeting is the temporary helping to that peace making process which is in the Safety Zone, in our land», - was noted by G. P. Rossihin.

The co-chairman of the UCC represented from Transnistria, O. L.  Belyakov has resulted the detailed analysis of activity of Union Control Commission and Union Military Command in his report since the beginning their work to the present day. The measures are undertaken by Transnistrian and Russian delegations for the maintaining the peace and stability in our region, they have been given a high appraisal.  «The experience of the working out of peace making operation testifies absolutely about the existence of the indisputable authority of the Russian Federation as heading, directing and binding power within the limits of joint peace-making forces», - O.L.Belyakov established. At the same time he has criticize sharp destructive activity of the Republic Moldova directed on destruction of existing mechanisms, regulating peace making activity of the UCC at the present stage. Speaking about destructions of such policy, O.L.Belyakov noted: «… Any attempts to transform the peace-making mission out of a political consensus of all interested sides are dangerous to the process of the settlement and they lead to deep complex changes concerning of the regional stability and the safety with badly predicted consequences …». In O.L.Belyakov's opinion, Transnistria should oppose such threats for the purpose of a non-admission of such succession of events by the strengthening of coordination and efficiency of interaction of The UCC structures, the Ministry of State Security and another power departments functioning in the Safety zone. He gave several examples confirming this conclusion.

Having agreed with necessity of so working out of the actions, gathered people asked some questions The Head of the UCC from Transnistria, O.I.Belyakov, some proposals about this theme have been brought. In a particular, necessity of official publication of the accepted decisions has been noted for the purpose of coordination of these efforts.

In the end of the meeting, O. L. Belyakov determined it as productive, moreover he had noticed the same meetings will have a regular character.
Press-service of the MSS of the Dniester Moldavian Republic