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The direct presidential elections will bury communists of Moldova definitively

English // 17:28, 3 декабря 2009 // 2229
altDmitry Soin: “Probably the ruling coalition of Moldova will win referendum of establishment of direct presidential elections. Thus communists’ political prospects will reduce sharp.”

Objectively,  new ruling coalition of democrats shows much more dynamism in its policy and looks for different ways of the political crisis overcoming in the country, which is connected with impossibility to elect the president to the Parliament, where everything political power has no absolute majority. That is why acting of the president Michael Gimpu is going to hold referendum in connection with the change of Constitution, in a particular, of the order of presidential elections. The democrats wish to strive for direct presidential elections by the people, instead of The Parliament, its 3/5 votes is necessary for election.

It is necessary to tell, communists might undertake the same maneuver, when the first elections were won by them, but they missed this possibility. Present coalition suggests a real democratic way of the political crisis overcoming. If the coalition agree to referendum probably it will win it. New presidential elections will be held through national voting. I may assume communists’ political prospects are reducing little by little.

Dmitry Soin – leader of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!"