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Dmitry Soin: Revolutionary democratic reforms are inevitable in Russia under the flag of Dmitry Medvedev

English // 12:35, 5 ноября 2008 // 2982
Performance of the president Dmitry Medvedev with the message to Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation has shown determination of the head of Russia to carry out revolutionary democratic reforms in the country. And it is a question of considerable strengthening of democratic institutes and mechanisms of Russia. Now a civil society, parties and independent mass-media will receive additional possibilities in control of a country and direct influence on acceptance of political, economic, geopolitical and other decisions. Dmitry Medvedev has given up as a bad job reasoning of separate politicians and experts on necessity of "crackdown" in the conditions of crisis. It is precisely possible to say, that «the military communism» in Russia will not take place. Crisis can be solved not only in the conditions of dictatorship, but very much the other way in conditions when the role of a civil society, parties and each separate person will only increase. It is necessary to notice, that Dmitry Medvedev's democratic challenge it is not only a motoring map of Russia, but also a signal for all Prorussian enclaves outside of the country. The message to the Federal Meeting should be attentively studied in Transniestria. Discussion which is conducted today in our society if we are considered to be a Prorussian republic should be modified taking into account the opinion of the head of the Russian Federation. Some ridiculous thoughts of some officials and pseudo-ideologists that we do not need a civil society, a multi-party system, elections under party lists. All these things are good to be thrown out into a garbage can. It is necessary directly and essentially to raise the question  about the beginning of package democratic reform in Transniestria. Of course if we wish to develop.