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Transnistrian have felt the unity with Russia in the Constitution day of the Russian Federation!

English // 11:00, 12 декабря 2009 // 3557
altAliana Arshinova, the leader of The IYC "PRORIV!", has acted on celebratory meeting of "Molodaya Gvardiya Edinoi Rossii" devoted to the Constitution day of Russia in Moscow. December, the 12th, 12 p.m. more than 1000 participants of "Molodaya Gvardiya Edinoi Rossii" went to the meeting "Rossiya bez krainostei": against Nazism and anarchy, for humanization of a society and modernization of the country.

The meeting has opened by peal of bells with the big confluence of youth and people of elder ages, it symbolized independence and the sovereignty of Russia. The slogans of the action were: «The Humanization! Modernization! The constitution!», «Russia, Good will!», «Nazism = civil war», «Anarchy = civil war».
During the action, brochures of the Constitution of Russia were distributed for the passers-by on the Square. Andrey Tatarinov, a member of Public chamber of Russia, the head of the Political department of the Central staff of "Molodaya Gvardiya Edinoi Rossii" (MGER), Cyril Shchitov, the youngest deputy of the Moscow Municipal Duma, a member of Political council MGER and Alain Arshinova, chief executive of The IYC "PRORIV!" have addressed to the gathered on meeting. Meeting was closed by rendition Vladimir Vysotsky's «Ballad about struggle».Yes, it is really, the youth of Russia should struggle much even for prosperity of Great Russia.

We publish to your attention Alain Arshinova’s performance of leader The IYC "PRORIV!" on the meeting.Russians! Compatriots! We send Transnistrian's kind and congratulations on the Constitution day of Russia to you!

I have the honor to welcome you on behalf of the Russian citizens in Transnistria, on behalf of young generation of our republic.I wish to notice the Constitution day of Russia is marked not only in the Russian Federation, but also on all post-Soviet territory where citizens of Russia, our compatriots live. This holiday is the best possibility to feel unity with the Big Native land once again for us. Therefore today it is marked and in Transnistria.

Now the calendars and the booklets are distributed with the Russian state symbolic and the information about the holiday in all districts of republic. The powerful automobile race will take place under the flags of Russia, Transnistria, "PRORIV!" and «Molodaya Gvardiya Edinoi Rossii».We, Transnistrian youth appreciate cooperation with participants of "Molodaya Gvardiya Edinoi Rossii". It is the most dynamical and sincere the youth organization of Russia in its the patriotism.

I will notice the Constitution of Russia protects citizens of the Russian Federation not only within the country. It protects us everywhere where we were. It was declared repeatedly by leaders of our great country, the president Dmitry Medvedev and the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. 130 thousand citizens of Russia live in Transnistria. "PRORIV!" together with adherents from «Molodaya Gvardiya» support compatriots in Transnistria on the level of the civil society. I'm sure we will go on this way, increasing our joint efforts in future.

What does this holiday mean for me? As for me, as well as for other 130 thousand citizens of Russia in Transnistria, today is the Day of the Law which protects me. The strong Constitution is strong and stable Russia! Strong Russia is the effective protection of the Russian compatriots in Transnistria and all over the world. Russia and Transnistria are together forever!