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Dmitry Soin: the reboot and the modernization are necessary for Transnistria

English // 10:19, 17 декабря 2009 // 2952
altThe reboot and modernization are only way to the saving and the development of Transnistrian statehood. The constitutional crisis has raised the question once again, the political system of The DMR hasn’t already been corresponding to the international standards and a level of development of own efficient forces for a long time. "Antiquated" management methods of the political processes have already led to, the quarrel has been between yesterday's colleagues of the founding of Transnistria and struggle for a republic recognition. The polemic sharp duel between Igor Smirnov and Grigory Marakutsa is alike the well- known disputes in the 20th years of old "red" revolutionaries. The end of it is known - Stalin and Gulags. The elite break is the most dangerous scenario for any system. It is fraught with disintegration of the republic in the conditions of unrecognized state. The external opponents of The DMR must be undertake serious efforts for forcing still more passions and conflict deepening between the president and legislature. Compromising each other contradictory groups lose the most important thing: the legitimacy in the opinion of the own people.

The antiquated management methods political of the processes have led to the actual liquidation of that civil society which has won in struggle against nationalism of Moldova. Veterans of the United Work Collective Council and the working Committee remember ten thousand persons were gathered on squares of Transnistrian towns by the broadcasted signal on behalf of these organizations. Today it is possible to make experiment and also to try to access to the population with an appeal to go into the meetings. I will allow predicting its result: at the best, some dozens or hundreds people will go into. And if the score will be on hundreds, be sure admin recourse is involved. Some ideologists empowered like to complain of our parties are underdeveloped. But how will they become developed if the boycott is declared to party building at the state level in republic. First of all it expresses in unwillingness both of executive, by the way, and of legislature to go over into a party election system, at least, in the Supreme Soviet of Transnistria. As it is accepted in the favorite Russia, both in Ukraine and in Moldova and in general in the most of the developed democratic states.

What will be the result of it? First, it will give a powerful push to development of a civil society and party building. The strongest and the most authoritative parties will win, of course, on the elections by party lists. But the all political forces will take part in them and nobody will tell, these elections were the elections of provision packages and banal material tips. The external world, by the way, very attentively observes of the development of our political system it will draw conclusion about our changing for the better. The winner party must have the right to vote at government creation, on elections as it is made in Russia. If elections under party lists are into a local soviets too then the head of administration should be assigned after consultations of the party majority of one or another soviet.

These conversions "will freshen" political system of republic, will give a new impulse to its development. Stagnation is the death for the DMR. Everybody should understand it and undertake measures to its overcoming. I think it is necessary to begin active discussion about political modernization and reboot of Transnistria. It is the problem of experts, party leaders, representatives of a civil society. But elites should take care of realization of the reforms. Their future depends on it.

Leader of the IYC-PDP "PRORIV!", the candidate of sociological sciences Dmitry Soin