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Dmitry Soin: Motoring map of Dmitry Medvedev is actual and for Transniesria

English // 16:58, 11 ноября 2008 // 2267
Performance of the president Medvedev with the message to Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation has shown determination of the head of Russia to carry out revolutionary democratic reforms in the country. And it is a question of considerable strengthening of democratic institutes and mechanisms of Russia. At the stage of postreorganization and if you want, Postyeltsin stabilisation of the country by president Putin prime economic, strategic and geopolitical problems were solved. It was defined - to be or not to be Russia as to the state and the Civilization.
Today, when anybody does not have any doubtd that Russia is a strong standing state and actively wins the status of the second superstate of the world, it is possible to give an additional impulse to democratic institutes. Now a civil society, parties and independent mass-media will receive new possibilities to rule the country and direct influence on acceptance of political, economic, geopolitical and other decisions. Dmitry Medvedev has given up as a bad job reasoning of separate politicians and experts on necessity of "crackdown" in the conditions of crisis. It is precisely possible to say, that «the military communism» in Russia will not take place. Crisis can be solved not only in the conditions of dictatorship, but very much the other way in conditions when the role of a civil society, parties and each separate person will only increase.This paradox, seeming a nonsense for fans of "a firm hand" and inert bureaucracy, actually has the logical explanation. The more actively develop inner state processes, including sociopolitical, the faster it will recover from crisis.
It is necessary to notice, that Dmitry Medvedev's democratic call is not only a motoring map of Russia, but also a signal for all Prorussian enclaves outside of the country. The message to Federal Meeting should be attentively studied in Transniestria. Discussion which is conducted today in our society, should be modified taking into account opinion of the head of the Russian Federation if we consider ourselves as the Prorussian republic. Some ridiculous thoughts of some officials and pseudo-ideologists that we do not need a civil society, a multi-party system, elections under party lists. All these things are good to be thrown out into a garbage can. It is necessary directly and essentially to raise the question  about the beginning of package democratic reform in Transniestria. Of course if we wish to develop next to Russia. On this way we are trapped by many barriers and dangers. Unfortunately, in Transniestria there was an influential generation of the officials interested in freezing of the internal situation. It is very helpfull  for them, because any changes are connected  with necessity to accept critical decisions to generate new ideas and approaches. And this way does not fit them.
Moreover, democratic reforms will make the power more transparent, accountable to the civil society, focused not on the abstract public but on the concrete individual problems of the person and, that is the most important, less corrupted. The desire of inert officials to stay in "great inactivity" condition is because of the ideas periodically thrown in public consciousness about senselessness and harm of political reforms, a multi-party system, independent mass media, a strong and influential civil society.
Why does the youth and people of middle age leave Transniestria in search of work  in large quantities, and the infrastructure of the state all lags from the samples and standards which can be seen in Russia and in Ukraine, and of course in Western Europe. Certainly the factor of non-recognized state, economic blockade and the destructive aggression of Moldova  which have been down in 1992 seriously aggravate our position. But braking and stagnation actually are more dangerous phenomena. They do not allow us to declare confidently occurrence in the twenty first century.
Preservation of this tendency threatens the existence of Transniestrian statehood. One of the major marketing principles says: "change yourself or die". Therefore if Transniestrian region does not develop dynamically and consistently towards the existing world standards - it will die.
And one more thing: we like to refer to the results of a referendum from September, 17th, 2006 which has confirmed our right to independence and the union with Russia. Right after a referendum in Transniestrian region has begun the active discussion about necessities of unification of Transniestria and the Russian Federation . It is clear, that  it is not Russia who should move towards Transniestrian region but on the contrary. Ndt the fact that the Referendum has taken place more than two years  already.
Let's have a look at thte political system of Russia. Numerous political parties actively operate in the country, elections to the State Duma and to the Legislative Assemblies of regions is held under party lists, the government is led by the prime minister whose appointment in the increasing degree is influenced by the deputy case works. Well and, of course, the institute of presidency which has received the next impulse to self-development after Dmitry Medvedev's election as the head of Russia.
In the message to Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation the president of Russia has essentially dot one's "i's" and cross one's "t's". Now the role of the separate person, a civil society, political parties and independent mass-media will increase. First of all, it will be expressed in increase of influence on the executive power. It does not mean its weakening, but strengthening, because in this case administrative decisions will be supported with potential of the basic institutes of a civil society and independent mass-media.
What can we see on the countrary in Trasniestria? Obsolete majority electoral system still remains, the role and value of independent mass-media is extremely modest, the question about the establishment of the government and appointment of the prime minister also remains till now in the suspended condition. As concerning the prime minister, and concerning a proportional electoral system numerous positive statements took place, both of president Igor Smirnova, and of  the speaker of the parliament Evgenie Shevchyuk.
It is quite clear, as the first persons of the state realise vital necessity of progress of the republic. As for this purpose there are good launching sites: there are10 political parties in Transniestria, hundreds public organisations and funds, dozens religious faiths are registered. But without a scale, package political reform all these is just useless actives. Moreover, these are the actives which in case of the indifferent relation from the state can easily become  the tool of external influence. As a rule, in parties, public the organisation and religious faiths concentrate socially active people who- start to operate outside of the system, in case of  lack attention from the state , creating threat of destabilization of internal political conditions.
So what preventss Transniestria which already has a sound social base, to carry out political reforms so necessary for the society? Pay attention: there is a will of the first persons of the state, there is a deep public requirement for changes, there are results of the referendum and the course proclaimed on its results on unification of our legislation with Russian, but reform are not accepted yet. If you ask any unbiassed expert  what is the problem, he will answer you - the resistance of the officialdom, and also the reason is in obsolete officials and pseudo-ideologists. The condition of the stagnation for them is the most comfortable, and they will resist to changes by all accessible means.
The price of the egoism can be very high are accruing internal crisis phenomena and expression Transnistriya on boondocks of the civil world, for limits of modern history. If leaders of Transnistriya have a self-preservation instinct  no less than  a civil society of republic, the corrupted officials should be broken and reform shall begin.
Optimum variant is the variant of package reform. It means that changes will simultaneously be into the legislative, executive and judicial powers. The ideas of Dmitry Medevedev, which were sent to the Federal Assembly of Russia, can be used as a basis of this reform.Of course the offers will be  processed and adapted for Transnistriya specificity.
Already today it is possible accurately, without fanaticism, to raise the question about reforming of the suffrage towards the elections under the party lists.Thus the parliament selected  should acquire the right to influence on appointment of ministers and the most important t - the prime minister of the country. But it will be possible, if it will be the government and, accordingly, a post of the prime minister in Transniestriya .All political parties registered in the republic on the legislative level must be guaranteed the access to the state mass media . It it is necessary to create the best conditions for development of independent mass-media as the main channel of dialogue of a civil society and the power.
Certainly, all of these are only the short sketches which can become a subject of consideration for elite and a society. In  the developing situation political parties, movements and public organisations of Transnistriya should make the offers about the reforming of political system of the republic. It is necessary to remember that all of these are  possible only if the most important condition will be observatedt : it is a demolition of an antireformatory official layer which is existing today. It is uneasy process and the fight will be essentially rigid.
In Russia this problem was  thought and they will apply the struggle against thecorruption as the most effective mechanism of influence on the inert official environment. Realisation of the  anticorruption state policy in Transnistriya , undoubtedly, would be usefull to the society, both the republic, and offered reforms. It it is necessary to do this not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but already today, becouse the destiny of the people and Transnistriya depends on it.