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“PRORIV!” congratulates Dmitriy Medvedev on inauguration

English // 17:28, 7 мая 2008 // 3623


International Youth Corporation and People’s Democratic Party “PRORIV!” congratulates Dmitriy Medvedev on inauguration. Russian citizens living in Pridnestrovie do not lose their links with Great Homeland and take an active part in political life of the country. So this year the overwhelming majority of Pridnestrovian people showed high attendance at the presidential election and voted for the candidacy of Dmitriy Medvedev.

Today together with Russian people they congratulate their new president and wish him excellent health, firmness and courage in the struggle for the interests of Russia and its people. International Youth Corporation and People’s Democratic Party “PRORIV!” have always been consistent supporters of the policy of the former president Vladimir Putin and supported his successor Dmitriy Medvedev.

“PRORIV!” has no doubts that the new president will continue the policy of Russia’s strengthening and support hundreds of thousands compatriots outside the country. On its part “PRORIV!” declares that it still pursues pro-Russian policy at the level of civil society in the republic and expresses the willingness to support the progressive initiatives of the new Russian president.