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Dmitry Soin to improve public life in Transnistria.

English // 18:33, 21 декабря 2011 // 2739

On December 19 the deputy of the Supreme Council of the TMR Dmitry Soin met representatives of non-government organizations of the Republic. The leader of the ‘PRORIV!’ Democratic Party suggested carrying out parliament hearings on issues of the civic society and discussing problems of non-government organizations in Transnistria.


In the course of the meeting the president’s initiative for introducing addendum to the law about non-government organizations was debated. This bill stipulates that ‘socially-oriented non-government organizations’ must be priority for the governmental help and support. The matter is that their activity is classified as ‘socially useful’.  But according to Dmitry Soin this law requires serious improvement because it strengthens influence of the executive or, more exactly, presidential branch of power on the non-government organizations. Moreover the bill is sure to be raw; it even does not fix an official who will be authorized to determine which organization is ‘socially-oriented’. It may be a part of corrupt political play. That is why Dmitry Soin offered to make a careful study of Russian and European experience in financing public sector.


He also stressed that it was necessary to work further on the transnistrian bill and to approve it in the near future.


Finally Dmitry Soin suggested the idea to create a joint group of deputies and representatives of public organizations to solve actual questions of non-government organizations.