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The opposition in Transnistria be responsible for the salvation of the state.

English // 16:08, 4 октября 2011 // 2146

As the chairman of the Democratic Party ‘Proriv’ Dmitriy Soin declared, the fact of nominating Kaminskiy as a candidate for the presidency in Transnistria created the necessary prerequisites for forming of the wide oppositional coalition. According to Dmitriy Soin the party ‘Obnovlenie’ enjoys a numerical superiority in Transnistria as well as being majoritarian in the Supreme Council and regional local councils (in particular in Bendery and Tiraspol ones).


 Owning a well-developed infrastructure the party ‘Obnovlenie’ can hold an extensive election campaign but at the same time the resource of a single ‘Obnovlenie’ may be insufficient for a convincing victory. This can be proved by a governmental vicious strategy of intimidating and exerting an administrative, informational pressure on certain citizens as well as on a whole opposition. Igor Smirnov has been bringing all the potential of the executive chain of command into play and has filled the governmental mass-media with himself.  While watching the Transnistria TV you understand that Smirnov is alone to do real work and good deeds. The anti-constitutional pressure with the mobilization of the Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Home Affairs  having been exerted on the Democratic Party ‘Proriv’ in summer and in autumn shows what is going to happen to other oppositional parties during the election.  That is why the perspectives for forming of the wide coalition of pro-Russian parties that could support Anatoliy Kaminskiy as a candidate for the election become really topical. The basis of this coalition could be the agreement ‘Together with Russia!’  signed by the party ‘Obnovlenie’, the Democratic Party ‘Proriv’, the Liberal-Democratic Party of the Republic of Transnistria and ‘Fair Republic’. Though many things will depend on the position of Anatoliy Kaminskiy himself, on that how actively he will hold his election campaign and whether he will be able to bid defiance to the incumbent government or not. Displaying the potential abilities Anatoliy Kaminskiy will assure other parties in the capability of this candidate to gain a victory over the incumbent president Igor Smirnov, emphasized Dmitriy Soin. 


Also according to Dmitriy Soin creation of the wide coalition could start with bilateral consultations of the ‘Obnovlenie’s leader Kaminskiy and chairmen of other parties that could potentially join the alliance. Logically such consultations should be initialized by Kaminskiy and held in the near future. During the consultations the forms and cooperation methods, distribution of the electoral load among members of coalition according to their possibilities should be discussed. The next logical step would be a wide multilateral meeting with all potential members of the agreement with a simultaneous signing of the declaration on the forming of the electoral alliance. All these actions should be started immediately because the actual government is sure to be leading Transnistria to death. That is why the opposition is responsible for the salvation of Transnistria.