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«PRORIV!» condemns Saakashvili's vandalism and plans to start antifascist actions with mission of OSCE

English // 13:25, 30 декабря 2009 // 3466
altThe IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" protests in connection with the blasphemous action of the Georgian authorities - explosion of the Monument of Glory - a monument to the Soviet soldiers. It has been installed in honor of the heroes battling and perished in the Great Patriotic War makesю this party declares intention to start antifascist protest actions for walls of mission of OSCE in Tiraspol with the requirement to condemn of the Georgian Manual actions.
President Michael Saakashvili has made the instruction personality about a monument tearing down. On marasmic explanations of a present Tbilisi Manual, the Glory Monument was in breakdown state. The country authorities planned to erect a building of parliament of Georgia on «memory stones», which Saakashvili plans to transmit to Kutaisi. As a result of explosion two persons, including the child at the age of 8 have perished because of criminal haste.

Saakashvili's actions and its persons in attendance have made not only a cynical act of vandalism. But they have offended memory and feelings of all whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers have laid down lives on Great Patriotic War fields. Thus, probably, the Georgian president has forgotten seven hundred thousand inhabitants of Georgia protected the USSR, and every second of them has perished.

The next shameful act has been made before 4 months to day of celebration of the 65 anniversary of the Victory over fascist Germany. The obscene act of the Georgian authorities was condemned by the Prime Minister – the Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the State Duma. Vladimir Putin established, the interstate relations with Georgia "in a sad state", it is "the result of a policy of the Georgian authorities". "Meanwhile we are closely connected with each other, including memory of heroes of the Great Patriotic War. But also it is wanted to delete. But it is unable. It will not turn out! ", - Putin has declared.

The Russian Prime Minister has put forward the idea to restore the Kutaisi monument in Moscow. The deputies of the State Duma of Russia have supported it, but the mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov has declared the monument will be recreated on The Grief Poklonnaya.

At the initiative of Russia the General assembly of the United Nations has accepted a draft resolution, which condemns the destruction and the defilement of monuments to fighters with fascism and Nazism glorification. Such acts should be declared as a crime and they should be punished under the law, it is told in the document accepted by the United Nations. The tearing down the monument to the Soviet soldiers has made the great resonance, both in Russia, and in Transnistria.

The IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" accuses the Georgian Manual of disrespect for veterans and of fascism revival. Saakashvili violates roughly and cynically tramples not only memory of a feat of the Soviet people, but also of hundreds thousand fallen in fights against fascists the Georgian. The IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" calls every civilized people not to admit Nazism and fascism revival, to resist with consolidation to any attempts of distortion of history and vandalism attitude to the monuments to the Soviet soldiers. Today the fascism revives in the CIS countries and in the Eastern Europe. In these conditions Transnistrian «PRORIV!» expresses a solidarity to antifascist struggle of a Manual of Russia and personally to the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, which initiated the restoration of Memorial destroyed by Saakashvilli in Moscow. The youth of Transnistria declares the intention to start protest actions near walls of the international organizations. It will be with the requirement to moderate fascist appetites of the neo-Nazis allocated with the power.