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The removal of limitations for citizens of Russia and Ukraine will relieve the tension on Moldavian and Transnistrian Custom

English // 13:03, 23 декабря 2009 // 2913
altThe leader of The IYC-PDP "PRORIV!", Dmitry Soin comments on the possibility of establishment of visas for citizens of Moldova by Transnistria, and he makes offers for the permission of the "passport" conflict.

The information about possible establishment of visas for citizens of Moldova by Transnistria should not be interpreted word-for-word. I would remind at a meeting with OSCE delegation led by the special representative of the present chairman of OSCE Haralambos Hristopulos the president Igor Smirnov has commented on a situation with exception cases the Russian and the Ukrainian passports from the citizens of Transnistria in Moldova. In particular the president has declared Transnistria can take such sharp step as introduction of a visa regime for citizens of Moldova in reply to it.

Hardly, it can be perceived as the aim to concrete actions for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DMR. Most likely, it is a signal to the authorities of Moldova that pressure is not admissible upon citizens of Russia, living in Transnistria and Ukraine, from positions of the requirement of the residence permit RM from them.

It has already been written about by both the regional and foreign mass-media, the statements were made in the area of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Transnistria. We calculate, instead of the previous communistic authorities of Moldova, the present ruling coalition will depart from a paradigm of confrontation with Transnistria. It is fraught with sharp peaking of the conflict to press upon the concrete people only because of their having the citizenship of Russia or Ukraine. Especially as it is a question of 150 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation and approximately 100 thousand citizens of Ukraine.
Probably Igor Smirnov was sharp in the statements but as the president of the country he must defend interests of its citizens. I hope the Moldavian side will want to show its civilized character in these conditions, and the pressure upon the Transnistrian Russians and Ukrainians will be immediately stopped. Of course, in this case visas for the citizens of RM will not be introduced by anybody. Without it all talks will be idle about measures of confidence and a discharge of strength, the leader of The IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" has noticed.