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Transnistria will introduce a visa regime for citizens of Moldova!

English // 13:05, 23 декабря 2009 // 2873
altAccording to the press-service of the president of The Dniester Moldavian Republic, December, the 22nd, 2009, Igor Smirnov has met OSCE delegation led by the special representative of the present chairman of OSCE Haralambos Hristopulos.

During the conversation, president of The DMR has underlined the alternative to negotiations is not present today. But the negotiations for the negotiations of do not solve the problems. It is necessary to guarantee the agreements will be effective. The intermediaries and observers of the negotiations can ensure it.
The president has marked, the statement of the Moldavian manual didn't inspire optimism, the law of Republic Moldova on necessity of payments by Transnistrian economic agents in the budget of Moldova could come into effect since January, the 1st. It is already destabilization of uneasy situation. We inform everybody, and the countries guarantors, and you. I think destabilization is not necessary for anybody.

Igor Smirnov has commented on the situation of exception cases the Russian and Ukrainian passports from citizens of Transnistria in Moldova. The president has declared Transnistria can take such sharp step as introduction of a visa regime for citizens of Moldova in reply to it.

Haralambos Hristopulos has attentively listened to the president Igor Smirnov and he has taken off to Strasbourg urgently. Most likely, the perspective of introduction of visas for citizens of Moldova in reply to discrimination of citizens of Russia and Ukraine living in Transnistria will call lively discussion of the sides of negotiating process and it will create premises for the problem settlement.