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Experts about Mazepa

English // 16:24, 19 октября 2008 // 2873
Opening of a memorial board to hetman Mazepa in Transniestria has caused rough expert and public reaction. For one people Mazepa is damned by Russian orthodox church, and for others he is the hero. Please pay attention on the different opinions of all experts involved in the discussion about this question.
Alexey Martynov, the director of the International institute of the newest states.
"The monument to the traitor is the treachery too",  declared Alexey Martynov, the director of the International institute of the newest states , making comments on a breaking of a monument to hetman Mazepa in the Bendery fortress in Transniestria. "It is not the secret that one year ago the president of Ukraine V.Jushchenko has signed the decree 995/2007" about the celebration 300 anniversaries of the events connected with military-political performance of the hetman of Ukraine I.Mazepa and the conclusion of the Ukrainian-Swedish union ", and simply speaking about an anniversary of one of the brightest and perfidious treachery in the history of Russian empire. Except various actions about memorialization  the traitor's memory, this decree is decided to solve a question on an establishment of a monument to "the hero Mazepa in Kiev and Poltava"." In such way that monuments to traitors become "good tone" in some Post-Soviet countries with the claim for the European tolerance, probably, already anything suspicious is not present. But that similar blasphemous action occurs in Transniestria, moreover - in the Bendery fortress, all in couple of days after noisy celebrating of the 600 anniversary of Bendery causes at least bewilderment. All pathos and a pomp from opening of the memorial, expensive mass reconstruction, quivering patriotic speeches of Transniestria authorities in the presence of clergy and representatives of the Russian imperial house completely devalued  are destroyed by erection of a monument to Mazepa ".
"Heroes" like Mazepa can be  an example for many figures both in Ukraine, and in Moldova, and in Georgia. An example of that as it is easy to betray the Native land, the oath, the honour. At the same time it remains example of payment for treachery. For 300 years the  name of "Mazepa" has become nominal definition of the traitor. Following a slippery way glorification of  the turncoats, anathematized by Russian Orthodox Church, Transniestrian people may be because of  nonsense or meaningly destroy that has not allowed to be conquered in 1992. Genetic memory and belief. For the "progressive" European public erection of the monument to Mazepa in Transniestria is, of course, the signal about readiness of a Transniestrian  society for "Europeanization" by its dissolution between "evroUkraine" and "evroMoldova", was concluded by the expert.