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“PRORIV!”: Take your hands off from Barrack Obama!

English // 08:48, 20 ноября 2008 // 2621
As declared the press-service of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" :"For the last period cases of offensive expressions against new president became more frequent. These statements have racist underlying reason, being directed on ridicule of African roots of Obama.
The beginning of this bad tradition was put, unfortunately, by the dear European politician, the prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi who publicly named Barrack Obama «the suntanned guy». But if this joke can be carried to the category concerning harmless last expressions of the Polish politicians deserve accurate definition of racism.
So, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, mister Sikorsky has told, that the grandfather of Barrack Obama was a cannibal and, ostensibly, only a hundred years ago has eaten the Polish missionary. This unprecedented on the cynicism a racist joke was supported by the brother of the president of Poland Yaroslav Kachinsky and some other well-known Polish politicians.
This fact says that the spiritually-moral education of the Polish political class is seriously weak. If the
investigation began because of the racist statements of Sikorsky and his adherents will not lead to the serious reaction and discharging the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland  from his post, it would be possible to ascertain, that the Europe has strongly rolled away in the days of a Hitlerism.
Unfortunately, this implication of racism has long enough history. So, for example, in the Baltic republics which are members of the European Union, monuments to the Soviet soldiers were destroyed and the parades of the veterans of fascist armies were legally spend. In Europe more and more rise ultra-right parties and skinheads. The voice of Russia, as well as the voice of all progressive Europeans, protesting against revival of fascism, is simply ignored.
Therefore the insults to Barrack Obama, and thus to all Afro-American population of the USA, is logical continuation of dangerous political tendencies in Europe.
Thereupon IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" protests against racist statements in relation to the new US president and declares «Take your hands off from Barrack Obama!». From the moment of creation  "PRORIV!" operated as antifascist and antiracist youth movement. And today we will not allow newly appeared political racists to feel comfortable at the territory where the world democracy was brought up, in Europe, - is said in the statement IYC-PDP "PRORIV!”