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Dmitriy Soin: 'The maintenance of the tandem Putin-Medvedev ensured victory for 'United Russia' in the elections'

English // 16:09, 6 октября 2011 // 2439

On September 24 in Moscow at the congress of the party ‘United Russia’ it was solved that the incumbent prime-minister Vladimir Putin would be the candidate for the presidency in Russia. The incumbent president Dmitriy Medvedev, in his turn, will lead the voting list for a parliamentary election and he is also supposed to become the leader of ‘United Russia’ and the prime-minister of Russian Federation.


Commenting on this the chairman of the IYC-PDP ‘Proriv!’ the deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria Dmitriy Soin evaluated the ‘United Russsia’’s resolution. He said the world being in a permanent crisis required powerful leaders. While extremism and terrorism are increasing Russia needs such a strong politician as Vladimir Putin is. Dmitriy Soin explained that Vladimir Putin was a former officer of the secrete service and owned all necessary skills to rule the state. Moreover he enjoys broad support among Russians as a man of strong will. After having changed Boris Eltsin Vladimir Putin took the state in very difficult geopolitical, social and economic condition when its integrity and safety were under the threat of the ambitions of oligarchs, terrorism and extremism.


Taking into consideration the events in Kazakhstan and Chechnya one can see that Putin succeeded to introduce proper order in the state, restore some pride in the country’s leadership, establish constitutional lawfulness, bring some odious oligarchs down a peg, neutralize centres of extremisms and provide sustainable development of Russian Federation. The period of Putin’s governing is associated with a powerful upsurge of the Moscow’s authority, dynamic development of social, educational and other spheres of political reforms. Aggravation of the role of the civil society, party’s strengthening, development of independent mass-media made Russia known as a state of strong democratic traditions. So, during 2 presidential terms Putin has been the symbol of prosperous and future-oriented Russia. We welcome the resolution of nominating Vladimir Putin as a presidential candidate for the next March’s election.


The very important thing is that it was Dmitriy Medvedev who proposed Vladimir Putin as the candidate – this means the efficient functioning of their tandem and the team principle in ruling the state. Dmitriy Medvedev is a very literate manager with a great administrative experience reinforced by the presidential period in his life.


Dmitriy Soin expressed his belief that on the post of the leader of the party Dmitriy Medvedev would bring profit to Russia. He also made an emphasis on that fact that contrary to predictions of enemies the tandem hadn't collapse. This proves the elite is united. This is very important for Transnistrians who want Russia to be powerful and be ruled by a strong president and a professional prime-minister. In 2006 the majority of population in Transnistria voted for gradual annexation to Russia and we want to see our motherland prosperous and authoritative superstate.