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The IYC-PDP "PRORIV!": The Constitution is the Basic Law of democratic and lawful state!

English // 12:53, 24 декабря 2009 // 2954
altDecember, the 24th, Transnistria celebrates the Republic Constitution Day. This date has gained special sounding in a context developed in a society and elite of discussion concerning the constitutional reform. Several its projects have been taken out to the public court: from the separate constitutional corrections of deputies of The Parliament to the absolutely new Constitution of the president The DMR. The arguments of the sides, counterarguments, mutual recriminations and appeals to the compromise sounded in not discussion. From the very beginning of this process «PRORIV!» has taken of a special position. It was based on the New Constitution or made to the present constitutional corrections should be result of the compromise and the consensus of all social classes and the political groups interested in further strengthening and development of independence of The DMR.

When disputes have gone too far also discussion degree has begun to threaten the political stability, «PRORIV!», represented by its leader Dmitry Soin, suggested to create the conciliatory commission about this question. Dmitry Soin's idea has sounded from the parliamentary tribune and it was reduced to only overcoming of break of elites and a society, it will allow saving the constitutional process in a legal area. Moreover it is the most important part of political stability in The DMR, savings and developments of Transnistrian statehood. The compromise, peace making initiative of «PRORIV!» was accepted both by the president and deputies, it was allowed to overcome the serious system conflict.

«PRORIV!» is grateful to the elites and a civil society, the propensity to self-preservation put by the nature has triumphed within them. The conflict transited from the sharp phase into area of legal discussion, and The Constitution Day we meet in reference conditions outside of political crisis.

In the conclusion I would like to tell there are no bad and good Constitutions. There is only a desire and an ability of the people and their governors to live under the Law in a democratic co-ordinate system. From the point of view of the maintenance, the Constitutions of many totalitarian dictatorial modes were ideal, but in a real life the people suffered from arbitrariness and violence. Therefore in The Constitution Day of The DMR «PRORIV!» wishes all Transnistrian to live in the peace, prosperity, observance of the rights and freedom of citizens, strict fulfillment of all norms of the Basic Law of the country. There will be not the development and recognition of The DMR without it. We have no a future without it!