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The Moldavian alternatives: unification with Romania or system reboot

English // 14:10, 15 апреля 2009 // 3609
Reflexion of the political scientist, leader and ideologist of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" Dmitry Soin.
The term reboot was included into a modern political lexicon. Today it is necessary to hear much about reboot, for example of the international economic relations, world financial system or Russian-American cooperation much. However, revolving on events, last week happened in Moldova you begin to understand, that periodically reboot is required. On April, 7th in Moldova it was not a revolution, not a revolt and not even stroke of the state, even if from the point of view of the criminal code these concepts can be applied as a trash. It is the youth psychosis only, caused by spring aggravation which roots go deep in the end of 80s beginning of 90s years when actually the newest Moldavian statehood arose. Yes, from the point of view of history origin and development of modern Moldova, April revolt is quite logical and natural. Not pressing in long historical digression, I will remind only most prominent aspects of rough transformation of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic into Republic Moldova. The question about separation of Moldova from the USSR has been lifted under wild nationalist slogans by fathers and elder brothers of pro-Romanian youth, storming these days in front of the parliament and President's residence.
Experts in modern Moldavian history know much about acted in rough 90s Lari, Buburuza, Kostash, Ilashku and hundreds of others Bessarabian Nazis, who called to burn out all Slavic. However for correct understanding of events of 7th of April it is even more important that these same people who had a reputation almost as brain centers of the nation urged to rename Moldavians in Romanians. That is actually advanced ideology of an ethno-cultural genocide against own people. This aspect is especially significant in a context of our analysis of the reasons of the Kishinev pogrom. It is clear, that activity of national fronts originally passed under patronage of the CPSU which hoped thus to let out nationalist steam in all republics, but afterwards everything ran out of control. Pogroms and violence have begun according to the national sign . In the late 80s beginning of 90s it was terrible to start talking in Russian in Kishinev. Deputies from Transniestria were beaten on the exit from Supreme body of MSSR, and teenager Dima Matyushin has been killed in the centre of Kishinev because of his Russian language. During those vague times the regenerated party elite and intelligence dreaming about Great Romania have done the utmost,  to change Soviet symbols on Romanian. With their help Moldova have deprived of political, language and cultural-historical originality having changed it on ideology common beyond river Prut and shouts about inevitability uniting of two Romanian nations. It became consistently and methodically. So Soviet Moldavian flag was changed by Romanian tricoloured flag. Today the national flag of Moldova differs from Romanian only by presence of the arms of the country. Shake it more feasibly, the arms will fall off and there will be flag of Romania. The Cyrillic letters traditional for the Moldavian ethnos was replaced by the Latin, accepted in Romania. Language as much as possible was adjusted to the Romanian standards. Large state political actions were accompanied with the Romanian hymns and political songs. Even the soldiers of Romanian-fascist occupational army were rehabilitated and equaled to the veterans of World War II. Schools and Universities all these years taught history, literature and language Romania.

When in the mid-nineties, communists only went to the power, they promised to finish with aggressive Romania, to revive the Soviet traditions in Moldova, to accept Russian as the second state language. It was absolutely sensible ideas from the point of view of preservation of the Moldavian statehood and identity. I think, that many historians and ethnologists will agree with me that after appearance of Romania on the world map, the unique powerful guarantor of preservation Moldavian ethnicity is Russia and Russian orthodox church. By the way in historical sense it was clear to all great Moldavian lords: Stefan Chel Mare, Ivan the Fierce and Dmitry Kantemir. These persons by means of Russia tried to rescue the Moldavian nation and orthodox religion from Turks. Now Turkish threat was replaced by Romanian, but a way to self-preservation is the same - with the help of Russia.

The fact that Voronin was not able to neutralize the Romanian factor in Moldova speaks about much. Probably, pro-Romanian lobby in Kishinev appeared to be so strong and launching positions of the Moldavian communists not absolutely assured that all attempts of the Antiromanian approach have failed. Nationalists blackmailed Vladimir Voronin with disorders suited information hysteria and the Communist Party has receded.  There was also an Antirussian stage in the life of Red Moldova when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unexpectedly turned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European integration, when CIS has faded into the background, and Guam was on the first when relations with Romania became warmer. We will notice that this stage remained in the past, but its consequences continue to exist in the present.

As a result deviation on the Romanian front did not only preserve, but also resulted the further rapid growth of all Bucharest establishment made in the early nineties. After the introduction of Romania into EU and NATO, dangerous tendencies have amplified. It became popular to send children to study in Romania, to go there on holidays and to visit historical places, to receive citizenship of this country. Yes, indeed, after all it grants the right to become inhabitants of the poor country a part of safe European community. Even if this right is illusory, but is all the same very tempting. May be it is early to say that all youth and all intelligence of Moldova bears in itself ideology of Romania, but it is doubtless that there much of them. Who resists them?   The elderly population who are nostalgic about Soviet times, Russian-speaking citizens and a part of nomenclature. It is very weak protection against excited youth, intelligence and a huge Romanian resource. While it is compensated by vigorous work of police and special services, but their potential is not boundless.

Yes, on April, 7th the pro-Romanian putsch in the centre of Kishinev has appeared not prepared enough and has failed. But, its present consequences are much more powerful, than it can seem today. The pro-Romanian forces have reached the main thing - they have shown to the whole world and to themselves, that Moldavian hominy, with a correct cooking, can turn to be a powerful Romanian dynamite. They destroyed not simply two buildings in the centre of Kishinev. Actually there was a violation of symbols of the Moldavian statehood. Let for a short time the crowd has grasped the main control centers of the country, having set up over them foreign symbolics and devastated all inside.  In fact power in minds of the majority of Moldavians is sacral and inviolable. Now it remains in the past. In case of new pogroms the crowd will be much easier to cross thresholds of government agencies. Therefore from the point of view of the future revolutions organizators of the putch have acted rather thoughtfully. They have brought under them ideological and technological bases. Today the Romanian revolt has heroes, victims and symbols. The fact that they have lost yesterday, does not say much about they will not win tomorrow. We remember, that the victory of Bolsheviks in Russia was preceded by unsuccessful revolt of 1905, the victory of the Cuban revolution was preceded by the failed storm of Monkado barracks. And there are hundred and thousand of such examples in the history of the world revolutions.

Whether can something stop the victory of the pro-Romanian forces in Moldova if sociocultural and political space of this republic is filled by the Romanian symbols. If fashionable conversations on eurointegration of Moldova, as a rule, contact prospects of its integration into Romania? If annually Bucharest free of charge gives some thousand places in educational institutions of Romania for citizens of Moldova. If many parties, public organisations and mass-media live on the Romanian grants and certainly support idea of delivery of the Moldavian statehood. If citizenship of Romania all becomes more popular, and conversations about European happiness turn to harmonious choral singing. Hardly. Only system reboot can rescue modern Moldavian statehood. I will list what could include this difficult but vital procedure for Moldova:

1. Refusal from state and political symbols general with Romania. We will begin with a flag. It is actually identical to the Romanian. The arms are not counted as it is easily to get rid of them, simply to cut out with scissors. I think, in a case of Anschluss of Moldova on screens of TVs we will see thousand Moldavian flags full of holes. It is difficult to imagine what will look like the flag of independent Moldova. Probably, it makes sense to return, as it is made in Belarus to the old flag of the Soviet Moldova or to take as a basis the flag of Stefan Chel Mare. It is necessary at official level to refuse from other political symbols of Romania - national Romanian hymns, songs, holidays. If somebody like them, use them at home but not in a state policy.

2. At spiritual level the unique guarantor of the Moldavian originality is Russian Orthodox Church. Penetration into Moldova  of Bessarabian  Metropoly of Romania - one of the major elements of religious absorption of RM. Thereupon the Moldavian elite should declare that the orthodox church in Moldova can be only one - the Moscow Patriarchy.

3. At sociocultural and educational levels it is necessary to refuse all  Romanian words. Moldavian analogues should change Romanian language, history and literature. Very important question with letters. Using of Latin alphabet meant language unity of Moldova and Romania. Returning to Cyrillic will mean restoration of the Moldavian language originality.

4. And one more major aspect - international. During twenty years the main stronghold of the Antiromanian forces - the Russian-speaking population in every possible way was discriminated and moved on the second positions. It needs immediately to correct this warp. There should be representatives of a Russian-speaking community of Moldova in the government and parliament. Well and certainly it is necessary to fulfill the old elective promise of communists - to accept Russian as the second state language.

Certainly, it is difficult to develop a theme of rescue of the Moldavian statehood in one article, but to put key accents is quite probably. The sight from Transniestria on the Intramoldavian events can receive an aggressive estimation of evil-wishers. But the author of the expressed thoughts counts that any ideas will help neighbors to be defined with the future in the independent country or in Great Romania.

Dmitry Soin