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The population of Tiraspol is not ready for concerts large scale

English // 21:08, 22 октября 2009 // 2788
altLast weekend at the central square of the city of Tiraspol was a concert of Russia's  star  Michael Shufutinski Russian and the world famous group BONEY M. As expected, to see and to listen the singers  gathered  to a lot of people of Tiraspol and guests of capital of the republic.  According to preliminary estimates not less than ten thousand people came to the central square of Tiraspol.

Certainly, this concert Sept. 11  - an event, both for capital and for the republic as a whole. People waited impatiently for  stars. Opportunity to listen the songs of famous singers,  also free Transnistrians falls only once a year - on the anniversary of the telecommunications company IDC - «InterDnestrCom». For many people it became an additional reason to meet  once more, take a walk in the city center.

The concert gave a lot of positive emotions to the people. It is very important that right now, in times of financial crisis for Transdniestrians the opportunity to distract from everyday problems, worries and negative thoughts. But, in addition to the positive aspects clearly rushed into his eyes and shortcomings. This event organization, and the reaction of most of the public.

The very first thing that one can say - bad sound quality. It is unclear why in the time of the rehearsal the music shook located near house, and at the show, people standing near the scene may easy to talk?  Music did not  interfere. Singers were almost inaudible.

The first - a large crowd of people worked only one toilet.People had no choice but to seek an alternative in the nearby bushes.

Second - on a huge number of people  worked only one toilet! Naturally, there was a huge queue. Our audience is not often used by massive fees and concerts of the world stars. In all the yards near square,  our "golden youth"  drink the beer and other stronger alcoholic drinks. It was frightening to be in a dark place, a bit remote from the central square. Drunken shouting, cursing, fighting ...

Return Tiraspol with the concert, too, looked not the best way. Uncontrolled crowd, shouting something obscene, passed through the main streets of the capital.

Been disappointing and the consequences of the concert. Huge mountains of empty bottles, a lot of cigarette butts and other garbage. There were even people who "celebrated" the best of all others - they were lying on the sidewalk ...

Margarita DANILINA