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The meeting of Medvedev, Voronin and Smirnov has shown once again the constructive position of Russia

English // 09:20, 19 марта 2009 // 2525
In the comments to the news agency "Lenta PMR", leader of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" Dmitry Soin has noted: the tripartite meeting of presidents Medvedev, Voronin and Smirnov in the capital of Russia has shown once again the constructive position of Moscow concerning settlement of the Moldo-Transniestrian conflict. The Kremlin supports negotiations and equitable dialogue of the parties staking not on external enforcement to the peace settlement of the conflict but on strengthening of confidence-building measure with the subsequent development of the most comfortable formula of coexistence of Moldova and Transniestria. What will it look like is up to Kishinev and Tiraspol. For any imposed from the outside forms any moment can collapse under the influence of internal centrifugal forces. Moscow also supports the 5+2 format and moreover suggests promoting this mechanism. It has forevermore buried apprehensive of Ukraine, the European Union and the USA concerning mythical attempts of Russia to ruin the working model of negotiations.In case of conflict settlement Russia is ready to transform the military-peacekeeping operation in military-guarantee operation under the aegis of OSCE, removing thereby all rumors concerning the strategic ambitions.
By the way it completely coincides with the position of "PRORIV!". We stand for negotiations, equitable dialogue of the parties and we support a 5+2 format, thus certainly sympathizing first of all to Russia. Moscow all in all has its own special historical mission in the region. Russia renders all kinds of support to Transniestria. Because of its financial help pensioners and a number of social programs receive help. And the most important thing that Russia carries out the most effective in the history of the region military-peacemaking operation guaranteeing safety to the population living in the zone of the conflict.  Our appeal to the Moscow has the same subtitle: not to hasten with the change of the format. Anyway until, it will be100 percent clear that the conflict is really settled and we'll see no relapses.