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"PRORIV!" expands the cooperation with adherents from Russia

English // 09:08, 9 декабря 2008 // 3673
Interview with Dmitry Soin, the leader and ideologist of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!".

-Mr Soin, how do you think, what is the today position of Transniestria?
- Today our republic has faced the first rigid symptoms of a world economic crisis. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be a small safe islet in a huge storming ocean. We can see big industrial enterprises stop their work, mass dismissal and how people are dispatched in no-charge holidays. We lose commodity markets of our production and we start to test deficiency of bank liquidity. The dollar grows and gets new force in the conditions of the crisis. But these things are not the only which worried our party. The collapsing social system, the crash of social guarantees can provoke scale complaint. It can be either active or passive. We can observe passive complaint today: it is mass migration of population from Transniestria. Even if crisis will end in the nearest future, will these people come back and will they be restored at the republic enterprises? If it does not happen, the economy of Transniestria will never rise up. There will be nobody to work. Therefore all state bodies, responsible business, civil society should unite efforts to preserve the main property of republic - people. Concerning the active protest, I will tell at once, that it will not only improve but aggravate social and economic position of the region. Nobody will invest unstable region, so, economic revival will be called into question. This is a political axiom, clear to all sane people, except unfair politicians. They can try to take advantage from the political difficulties and national grief to raise their doubtful rating.

-Mr. Soin, how can you estimate the current condition of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!"?
- Today "PRORIV!" is a recognized regional leader in sphere of ideology and technology of its realization. Our program is capable and reflects moods of the major part of Transniestrian society. We see, as before, the basic decision of social-economic and international legal problems of the region in the further rapprochement with Russia. It is the extremely important for us to promote harmonization of the civil society, political system and legal field of Transniestria with the similar institutes in Russia. We suggest starting the «soft reform» under the Russian standards. It assumes orientation of the state to the protection of the rights of the person, strengthening of a role of a civil society, political parties and independent mass-media. As I said Transniestria is a Russian anchor for Moldova. And this geopolitical mission of our republic should be shown more distinctly and more deeply. We stand for good neighborhood and cooperation with our neighbors, we stand for integration into world sociopolitical system, but thus we realize that our main strategic partner is Russia. So the history so the majority приднестровцев thinks has disposed. Therefore "PRORIV!" expands the cooperation with adherents from Russia.
Directly concerning condition of  "PRORIV!" I will note that IYC and PDP are in dynamical development, attracting new adherents. Many young people come into our party and it is a true sign of our political success. Despite all difficulties, we develop sports, humanitarian, educational programs, we participate in youth exchange and we rise new generation of transniestrians, ready to continue glorious affairs of their fathers and grandfathers. Recently "PRORIV!" represented Transniestrian youth at a serious forum in Moscow. This action has gathered youth organizations of the CIS countries and was spent under the aegis of movement «Molodaya Gvardiya» - a youth wing of the party «Edinaya Rossia».This forum has given a push to development of new youth programs, and we very much count that it will promote involving young transniestrians in the all-Russian actions.
Concerning prospects of the settlement of the Moldo-Transniestrian conflict, we still support negotiating process and we oppose any forms of escalation of intensity. We demand removal all kinds of blockades and we want the equal dialogue of the sides. In this context we do not consider possible to obstruct format 5+2. Even with its disadvantages it suits guarantors and intermediaries, creates a certain international consensus on a Moldo-Transniestrian problematic. As there is no yet another real international mechanism providing legitimate communications of the sides. Negotiations do not mean a defeat. Negotiations are a platform for upholding of our position, for protection of will of our people. At the same time we attentively observe the development of the situation and we expect the concrete measures of trust directed on increasing of life standards, calmness and stability for the people of Moldova and Transniestria.
At the end I would like to tell, that a priority for "PRORIV!" is a struggle for construction of socially focused state and society were concrete rights of each citizen are protected and  where the basic principles of freedom and democracy are observed.