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New party in the new epoch

English // 17:31, 17 марта 2009 // 2755
Interview with the leader and ideologist of MMK-PDP "PRORIV!", candidate of sociological sciences Dmitry Soin.

Q: Mr. Soin, today people in Transniestria speak much about civil society, it is offered to create whether social council under the President, whether public chamber under the Supreme body. Whether these steps would be  effective to support civil sector of Transniestria?
A: The uniqueness of Transniestrians consists that they without help from above easily find the optimal and useful forms of civil self-organizing and cooperation. It proves the fact that according official information in our republic there are more than 800 non-governmental organisations. And these organisations, as a rule, are not political. These associations unite ecologists, women, professional and art unions. There are even such exotic organisations which represent ufologists, followers of Rerih, yoga, searchers of Graal, secret knowledge and many other atypical course for the post-Soviet territory. Their occurrence was not regulated by the state; people defined for themselves the general interests and registered non-governmental organizations. By the way, PMR itself appeared because of active reaction of civil society to aggressive nationalism in Moldova. If the majority of Transniestrians didn't have consolidated vital position neither    «hand of Moscow» nor «red directors» would not create the republic. Therefore civil society in PMR was always all right. The disorder consisted in absence of ability and desire of officials normally to work with republic public organisations. The elite became practically inaccessible to the civil society and others have rushed in the created communication vacuum, including external players. Today the lion's share of the youth, art, humanitarian and ecological organisations strongly and mutually advantageous co-operate with external investors. Receiving financial help they, certainly, will listen to the point of view of the sponsors, instead of politically motivated slogans of local elite. Yes, slogans are certainly necessary, but except them it is necessary to give any prospects to the people, to give administrative, material and information support. If not to do it, finally we will receive civil society in PMR aloof from republican idea. Now we have another problem. Having read clever books and having seen enough foreign television programs local elite rushed to create social councils and civil chambers. The idea is quite clear - to construct platforms for senseless talks for public men and their approval of those or other steps of power. In general, there is nothing bad in it this practice is applied in many states of the world. Another thing looks repulsive and ridiculous: didn't managed presidential structures to the initiative on social council creation as the parliament propose initiative on establishment of public chamber. In both cases it is a question that «important and especially authoritative people» will sit at these bodies. It is clear, that in one case close to the President, and in other close to parliament. Strangers will not be aloud there; of course they don't need it necessary. As a result instead of the general consolidating civil platform we will receive two parties of socially active people - one under the president, another under parliament. It is not necessary to be genius to predict internal political struggle and oppositions between them. Here it will be a civil society of Transniestria in all its beauty. Battle between propresidential and proparliamentary «public authorities» will definitively bury civil idea. We shouldn’t admit it, but according the succession of events it is too late to change something.

Q: Mr. Soin what are the future activities of "PRORIV!" in the nearest prospects?
A: Today "PRORIV!" is one of the most consecutive and mobile political forces in Transniestria. We support, as before, construction of strong, democratic and effective statehood, geopolitically focused on Russia. Moscow - our main guarantor of military, economic, and information-political safety. Thus we support idea of mutually advantageous cooperation with Moldova, the European Union and other countries which are interested in us and we interested in. At the same time we are actively engaged in modernization of internal systems of "PRORIV!". Modern policy discredited itself so much in the opinion of youth and the majority of the population, that people weakly reacts to political slogans and programs. Alternatively we offer developing, educational, professional projects which will allow youth to become more confident, to be more competitive and adapted for modern conditions. In actual fact, we took the mission of formation of new generation of young men who can avoid such illnesses of a modern society as a narcotics, alcoholism, Internet dependence and many other things which destroyed mentally and physically many teenagers. "PRORIV!" opened our own sports programs, sections on basketball, volleyball and other kinds of sports. We practice exercises in the gym. There is a unique group of "walruses" headed by the member of directory Anatoly Kowalski. Sociologists, political scientists, psychologists work with our active. Work not like with patients but as with younger companions whom they want to pass knowledge necessary for survival in modern conditions. This is the future of "PRORIV!" I see. We are the first aid rushing to help those who need it. From senseless talks and slogans from the moment of creation we have passed to the concrete affairs directed on improvement of society and youth in whole, as its most vulnerable part in particular. I am assured, that to save one young man is much more important than thousand words told on meetings and conferences. Through personal example and concrete contribution in ennoblement of society and state we can apply for success in the third millennium. In all senses "PRORIV!" is the party of a New type born for the New Epoch.