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If Transniestrian parties take part in Moldavian elections it would be immoral and irresponsible!

English // 15:14, 27 января 2009 // 3592
Q: Mr. Soin, you have just returned from Russia. What is the present condition of our large native land?
A: Russia, as well as the rest of the world, still suffers economic crisis and all its consequences. The rate of unemployment grows, production is reduced and the government struggles for preservation of social programs and obligations of the state to the country population. Business structures and citizens who reacted in time to a new condition of economy and took necessary anti-recessionary measures feel confidently enough. But people who unable to work in new conditions lose stability and fail under the pressure of negative circumstances. In general, crisis was a serious test both for business as a whole, and for each person. Those who are able to take a new line and to find new work methods, undoubtedly, will resist, will survive and will develop further. The rest who got used to work in the old manner, in the pre-crisis paradigm, would be ruined. But, speaking about Russia as a whole, it is necessary to note the high spirit and potential of people who rule the country, and the population which does not give up and is ready to work, if it is necessary, in new conditions. That is why I am assured that Russia will survive the crisis. People, elite, industrial complex and huge natural potential - are the best guaranties for it.

Q: What, in your opinion, are the prospects of Transniestria in these conditions?
A: Our republic suffered serious social and economic problems even before the crisis. We not once addressed for support to Russia and to the international community. In 2006 Transniestrian economy had serious losses from blockade. Just began to be restored, increase economic indicators as we met the crisis of 2008. We have painfully suffered the gas war which "switched off" Transniestrian enterprises from the operating schedule. No wonder, that many people became unemployed, salaries have been reduced, the whole manufactures were stopped. We are not guaranteed to receive pensions and salaries in time. Of course, there is no matter for panic but the reason to reflect how to operate in new conditions. It is clear, that the mobilization of all economic potential is needed. It is necessary to pass to the safe mode of expenditure of means and to spend saved resources to support social programs and working enterprises. From our point of view the republic can be saved from crisis not by means of poor but rich. We are assured that the basic crisis pressure should lay down on the shoulders of rich. It is a crime to make the life of pour people even more pour and intolerable. And nevertheless, all our internal attempts to rescue the economy of the state have not strategic but tactical character. Without powerful Russian support we are not able to sustain the crisis impact. Therefore the further social, economic and political integration with Russia is a unique and real way to rescue our republic. It became especially obvious today when the small ship of Transniestrian economy got into tornado and requires emergency support.

Q: Mr. Soin, the elections of the Moldavian parliament draw near. Some politicians and parties of PMR have already declared about the coalitions and the unions with the Moldavian parties. Will it make any advantages to our country?
A: You know, that "PRORIV!" always supported negotiating process with Moldova, development of trust measures between conflicting parties, adjustment of good-neighborhood economic, social, cultural, educational relations. However, the question on joint political struggle at the territory of Moldova  seems me something reckless. We live in two different countries which go through not the best period of relations. It will be good, if the coalition of Moldavian and Transniestrian wins. Then it will be possible to speak about the decision of any transniestrian problem in Moldova. But if it no? What people will say about Transniestria than? And about the party which betrayed its state? By the way, it will be quite logical if the Moldavian parties-winners use this factor against us. "PRORIV!" as a political party will never sign such a harmful agreements with foreign parties. Even if it will promise informational and financial profits. I'm assured, that in conditions when the leaders of PMR, Russia, guarantors and intermediaries make active search of the new formula of the settlement of the conflict, direct participation of Transniestrians parties in the Moldavian elections is immoral and irresponsible.