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The Independence day celebration showed the unity of reformatory forces

English // 15:55, 4 октября 2011 // 2110

On September 2 in the city of Tiraspol democratic parties ‘Proriv’, ‘Obnovleniye' and Liberal Democratic party of Transnistria held an unique and spectacular procession ‘For Changes!’ timed to the Independence Day. The ideology of the event met the political trend of this year: society supports change of the incumbent authorities (the incumbent president Igor Smirnov has been leading Transnistria since its secession from Moldova - 20 years) and wants democratic reformatory forces to come into power.


Transnistria is considered to be one of the 'frozen conflicts' in the post-Soviet space and people are actually tired with corruption and poverty that reign in this country situated between Ukraine and Moldova. The party 'Proriv' popularizes the idea of strike for democratic transformations and changes, defense of personal freedoms, economic and political reforms following European standarts. The actual government does not accept this new course and impedes this progressive party to carry out propagandistic actions by arresting activists and making other political repressions, ignoring one of the main European value - freedom of speech and belief.


But the show is going on and the chairman of 'Proriv' Dmitriy Soin said the fact that the leaders and activists of different parties advanced the same slogan 'For changes!' reflected public mood and the common desire for positive democratic transformation which were so necessary for an unrecognized state having been stayed in stagnation for more then 20 years. The event showed that the strike for reforms united people and this fight will surely lead to the victory over obsolete regime expressing Soviet mentality.