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General overview on the history and a current situation in Transnistria

English // 15:07, 4 октября 2011 // 4201

The majority of population of Transnistria consists of Ukrainians and Russians but they consider themselves to be a united Transnistrian people as Transnistria has always been a Russian-speaking Dniester region (in 1792 the general Alexander Suvorov founded modern Tiraspol as a Russian border fortress). Historically Moldova and Transnistria were united artificially after the WWII. The struggle for independence from Moldova united the population of Transnistria, because people could not live anymore in the same area with nationalists who started speaking openly about their hate towards Russian language, Slavonic history and culture and abasing Slavs in 90-s.


Nowdays current economic political and social stagnation makes people fight for their future not with an external ennemy but with their own authorities. The acual government in Transnistria became a real opponent to those citizens who are patriots and want their motheland to be prosperous.


While keeping up with current events in Transnistria one can see that in an atmosphere of discord with police, facing numerous obstacles put by the authorities in the ‘Proriv’’s way, this democratic party and youth-led organization continues with its fight for justice. The actual government does not accept a new course ‘For changes’ proclaimed by Dmitriy Soin and his party because first of all they clamour against stagnation in all spheres of the state’s life occasioned by irremovability of power. ‘Proriv’ supports democracy, personal freedoms, economic and political reforms following European standards. And if the present government allowed such propaganda, the essential changes desired by the Transnistrian population would come on the condition of transparency and an end to the authoritarian regime of Smirnov. But then the game would be up – and why would those in power enjoying the fruits of the current arrangement want that? So the state administration is holding repressions of bearers of new ideas, particularly: the unlawful arrest of the ‘Proriv’’s activist Mr.Yurkovskiy was followed by the unprecedented action of violation of law: in the city of Bendery policemen dismantled the agitation construction owned by the deputy Dmitriy Soin. So the police ignored inviolability of private property.


It should be mentioned that according to the polls the rating of Igor Smirnov who has been leading Transnistria since its secession (20 ages) is 35% but the negative rating is 65%. People are sure to be tired with this ‘absolute monarchy’, actually harmful for a state in a modern world as a state falls into decay with its old and ‘outdated’ leader.