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Dmitry Soin's statement on the rise of crime in Transnistria.

English // 00:21, 29 апреля 2012 // 6579


The society of Transnistria is really anxious about the rise of crime rate in the Republic. Recently in Tiraspol a number of shop and currency exchange office robberies took place. The street crime increases: citizens become more and more often victims of mugging, being robbed of jewelers,  bags and personal property. At the same time other regions of Transnistria are bucking this regrettable trend.  For instance in the Slobodzeya district a businessman Viktor Kitskyan and his bodyguard were murdered. There have been no such shocking crimes during short term in Transnistria for a long time. This makes us think that at this transitional period after the change of authority criminals are trying to become more active in their attempts to return our society in evil 90-s. Unfortunately our citizens don’t get to know reliable facts on a real situation in the Republic. Only owing to certain independent mass media the society is partially informed. As the deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria, a citizen and the leader of the ‘PRORIV!’People’s Democratic Party I am very worried about an actual situation which really threatens life, health and property of Transnistrians. I think our authorities and police should take urgent measures to prevent crime by involving the best professional personnel. It is also necessary to cultivate our youth in anti-criminal frame. Of course social tension, high rate of unemployment and miserable salaries are the cause why crime is up. A part of the society sees the only possible variant of their survival and it threatens state sustainability in Transnistria.


Today we need government direct address to population with explanation of a current situation, with an explanation of causes of social and economic crisis and proposition of ways out of it. We need an active civil position of each Transnistrian! Transnistrians ought to unite in this serious combat with crime. If we don’t overcome crime, the statehood of Transnistria will be under doubt: a general destabilization of a social and political situation may occur. People are not sure in their safety, they are close to panics. That is why our general efforts in struggle against increasing crime is not a simple wish, this is the barest necessity. Our motto is ‘Transnistrian, say NO to crime!’ – pointed out Dmitry Soin.