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Alexander Gorelovsky: "PRORIV!" is still under informational blockade!

English // 09:11, 10 марта 2009 // 3382
Anti-crisis movement which has taken place on the 7th of March in Tiraspol again remained without attention of regional mass-media. Making comments on this situation, the chairman of People's Democratic Party "PRORIV!" Alexander Gorelovsky has declared the following: «We are not surprised by this fact. Information blockade of "PRORIV!" lasts for three years already. Whatever we do local television channels do not show us. Whether we are afflicted by it? No! It is the best estimation which the corrupted officials and small-minded politicians can give to the natural people's party. Certainly from the point of view of the Law, the Constitution and simple norms of the democratic society it is serious violation. But judging by silent approval of "PRORIV!" blockade by the human rights commissioner, deputies of profile committees of the Supreme Soviet, responsible officials from executive structures it is a question of political punishment approved by the authorities over youth movement and party. But we are ready to work in any conditions. In difference from our opponents we have the main thing - attraction of the youth, political charisma and an accurate ideological position. Let's bethink, who except us held mass anti-crisis actions or other street actions for pressing questions of development of our society? Nobody! That is the answer for all the questions. We've got used to be ignored. Let them still do it.  However simple transniestrians give their sympathy to our party, and nobody can prevent it », said Alexander Gorelovsky.