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The Constitution day of Russia is our Transnistrian holiday too!

English // 11:39, 12 декабря 2009 // 3697
altThe IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" congratulates citizens of Russia on the Constitution day of the Russian Federation. December, the 12th, 1993 is the significant date in the history of Russia. This day the Constitution of the Russian Federation has been accepted, which fixed the independence of Russia and it has defined ways of the further development of the sovereign state.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation proceeds from the conventional principles of equality and self-determination of the people, it is directed on creation of the strong social state, providing a worthy life to each citizen. The constitution basic elements are the independent democratic state, human and the citizen rights, free economy, social protection of citizens and independence of local government.

The IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" celebrates this important holiday for Russia every year, as the party, which has declared about the pro-Russian orientation since the beginning of its existence. The constitution of the Russian Federation is a basis, the base, and the sample for the Transnistrian legislation. More half million Transnistrian associate themselves with Russia, 135 thousand of them have citizenship of the Russian Federation. 98 % of citizens of The DMR have voted for integration of Transnistria and Russia on the referendum in 2006. Therefore the Constitution day of the Russian Federation is our Transnistrian holiday too!
The party and youth movement «PRORIV!»  congratulate sincerely all citizens of the Russian Federation on our general main state holiday the Constitution day of Russia! We wish all the peace and happiness, confidence of future, a sound health and prosperity!