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President and parliamentaries: begining of a dialogue

English // 15:07, 20 февраля 2012 // 5479

SoinRecently an official meeting of President of Transnistria and parliamentarians took place. The Parliament was presented by the Chairman of the Supreme Council in the person of Anatoly Kaminsky, heads of Committees and their assistants. The initiatives of Evgueny Shevchuk including constitutional amendments gave the rise to the discussion. A meeting duration of three hours was conditioned by a business approach and the common interest of both sides to carry on a dialogue. There have never been such talks in the history of Transnistria and this means positive changes in a democratic dialogue among branches of power.


Commenting on the recently held event the Chairman of the Commitee on the Foreign Policy and International Relations Dmitry Soin said the dialogue had concerned modeling perspectives of the further development of Transnistria. Dmitry Soin is sure that having 70% deficit of the state budget, critical lack of currency resources, 90% of gold and currency reserves stolen and the industry fallen into decay all the branches of the power should be consolidated to solve these problems. But redistribution of the power among authorities will be efficient if only a significant informational and political reform is provided. Dmitry Soin supposed it might be the reform of the suffrage. In Transnistria there is a majoritarian system of elections, but according to Dmitry Soin it should be transformed into the party-list proportional one because in this case the party-winner is responsible for forming the policy of the Parliament and it carries on the dialogue with President and Prime-minister. The democratization of the state mass-media is worth particular attention. The transnistrian society needs non-government television, where all the political parties of the state will have access.


All these measures in total will create a new democratic image of Transnistria and will allow obeying the rules of the game existing in the majority of the European countries. As for the issue of the bill ‘About the principles of the negotiation process with Moldova’ the Evgueny Shevchuk’s position of not being in a hurry to adopt it at the last reading was approved: actually all the efforts must be concentrated on solving internal transnistrian problems touching economics, politics and informational sphere.


‘So citizens will see real changes in their life. Otherwise – the development of the political crisis and dim perspectives for 2012 and 2013 years are inevitable’, pointed out Dmitry Soin.