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Leader of "PRORIV!" returned from Moscow

English // 16:16, 24 февраля 2009 // 2945
On February, 23rd, the leader of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!", Dmitry Soin, has returned from Moscow. As informs the press-service of  "PRORIV!", Dmitry Soin has spent a number of meetings with deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, leaders of the youth, veteran organisations of Russia, and funds supporting compatriots abroad. During the dialogue were discussed questions about more essential and operative support of the pro-Russian organisations, integration of Transniestrian youth into sociological and cultural space of the Russian Federation, adjustment of relations between youth and veteran organisations of two countries. There were noted ideas about international scout camp in Transniestria this summer, were "PRORIV!" will be one of co-founders. On a plan of authors of the project the camp will collect youth from the European part of the CIS, and as of some EU states. It will be the Prorussian camp showing desire of the youth to live in the new world where there is no place to cold war and Antirussian propaganda stereotypes of last millennium.
Dmitry Soin estimated the trip, as very full with political and business meetings. He refused to give more detailed comments, having referred to the arrangement with the other parties of the process prematurely not to publicize the ideas of joint working plans.