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Alena Arshinova: "PRORIV!" shows high mobility!

English // 14:13, 17 ноября 2008 // 2109
As declared the executive director of the International Youth Corporation "PRORIV!" Alena Arshinova: «Our movement still shows the highest in region sociopolitical mobility. Once again it happened at the youth festival held in Rybnitsa. Its organizers, unfortunately, have tried to ignore the most mass youth movement of republic, but it did not ruin our plans any way. We use to work not with officials, but with young men.
Therefore a rather large group of active workers "PRORIV!" has arrived in Rybnitsa, at once giving to the action a convex patriotic Protransniestrian and Prorussian orientation. It seemed that the festival was held under our solar banners. Participation of "PRORIV!" was so bright and dominating, that Transniestrian unfortunate propagandists were frightened to show the full reporting of the festival to the televiewers.
I want to emphasize, especially for them, that the republic is too small to hide obvious things from the people. Now hundreds young people will get back to the different areas of Transniestrian region and will tell the truth about "PRORIV!". The more rigidly we are ignored by official mass-media, the more grows the interest to us and the stronger are the liking of simple transniestrians.
Our ideology of struggle for the sovereignty of Transniestria and maximum integration with Russia is close and clear to the overwhelming majority of the citizens of PMR. Our position concerning social justice, preservations and developments of the best Soviet values, the openness and democratic character also involve liking of transniestrians.
Using mobility and ideological polarity of active workers of "PRORIV!" we can communicate with the population bypassing official mass-media. It makes our dialogue even more informal and interesting », - has underlined Alena Arshinova