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The President of Transniestriya presented the car to the boarding house of the veterans of war and work

English // 09:06, 10 ноября 2008 // 2155
On the threshold of  the day of the city  the boarding house wa opened for the veterans of war and work in Tiraspol, in which 75 lonely old-age citizens can find the habitation since new year . Formation of this building had been gone on for about 2 years, and the enterprises of Tiraspol and the  townspeople took part  in it. It has been allocated more than 6,5 million roubles for this project. Today the building is put in commission but it is necessary to finish the the furniture of the rooms to live more  comfortable there. On the day of 91st anniversary of Great October revolution the president of Transniestriya  together with the veterans of war and work have put the traditional alley and he  presented  a minibus to the boarding house.
Igor Smirnov  wished the veterans  prosperity, peace in the world, happiness and  sound health.

The boarding house is calculated only on 75 places, but  more than 100 veterans have already wanted to live in the new house. The president marked that the number of rooms would be increased in the near future.This question is already considered at  the State administration.