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Medvedev has the right to dismiss the State Duma

English // 12:53, 8 ноября 2008 // 1928
The leader of the party  LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev should dismiss the State Duma "becouse of appeals to congratulate the day of the state revolution, which sounded at the hall of State Duma ".

So Zhirinovsky reacted to the congratulation of Vladislav Jurchick, the deputy of the party KPRF, of the next anniversary of October revolution at the plenary session on Friday. .

"This is the  day of revolution, not Great October revolution and if  such appeals sound at the State Duma hall, be I on the place of president Medvedev I would dismiss  the State Duma today" - the leader of LDPR has declared.

"Congratulations can sound only if the president declares the state holiday", - he has added.

Zhirinovsky has marked  that the State Duma is not a place where appeals to celebrating of anniversary of revolution should sound, informs RIA "News"  agency.