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PRORIV!" is looking for new talents

English // 13:38, 7 ноября 2008 // 1955
Evening of amateur performances took place in the High school of Political Leadership of Ernesto Che Guevara in which active workers of IYC-PDP "PRORIV!" participated.
Spectators were shown two video clips from the life of «PRORIV!" and some variety miniatures of own composition. Action occurred not only on the scene - spectators participated in a pantomime, representing heroes of children's national fairy tales, then - politicians, something looking very similar to them. Other participants of that evening should guess the represented character that made everybody in the hall laughing.
Opening the evening, the leader and the ideologist of "PRORIV!" Dmitry Soin has addressed to participants with short speech. He reminded about the crisis which has captured the entire world and also our region, than he said about necessity to resist to it not only economically, but also morally. «You know - the enterprises have stopped, many programs are finished. Our republic suffers all the consequences of the world economic crisis, - Dmitry Soin has told. - But in is our force, that in any conditions we continue to develop, go forward, to increase potential.»
«We do not have other way, - the leader of "PRORIV!" has continued!. There are two variants: to recognize defeat and to fall, or to struggle and win. We are intended to struggle - and we will win! All the programs of "PRORIV!" which have been planned proceed. Moreover, in connection with crisis we will start the additional programs first of all connected with propagation of healthy way of life among youth, ideas of self-development - all that gives the chance to struggle and win, reaching our goals even in adverse conditions. I have already held the first meeting with participants of this project. I consider that all the activists of PRORIV!» should join it Crisis challenges us - and we will answer this challenge. We begin concrete work on narcotize and alcoholism preventive maintenance. We will invite the youth in our organization, and we will go to young men, we will speak with them, we will show them that it is much better to be healthy and beautiful, than to die because of AIDS or from a redose. And if one of us will involve in our program of a healthy way of life five or even ten persons, it will be very powerful contribution in rescuing young generation».